Every Breath

Title:Every Breath
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :28:00
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Jimmy, an L.A. actor stuck making bad commercials, is hired by a rich foreigner named Richard to seduce the man’s beautiful, younger wife, Lauren. Jimmy doesn’t realize that Lauren is in on the game; by the time he cottons on, he’s been beaten up, humiliated, and frightened. But he’s hooked on the rush of the game, so the next day, he goes back to Richard and Lauren’s mansion. This time, the couple includes Jimmy when they go to a nightclub and pick out a couple to humiliate. He’s confused, but he plays along. Over the next few days, he realizes that the outcome of the games can be fatal. Is it too late to get out? And what can he do about his falling in love with Lauren?

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Diane Kruger,

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Judd Nelson, Garcelle Beauvais, John Pyper-Ferguson, Kristen Dalton,

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