Hope Dances

Title:Hope Dances
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :29:00
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Hope Douglass, Ballet Dancer, Softball Player, talented at both but finds as you get older, school work, house chores and ‘The Reality of Everyday Life’ kick in and all of a sudden it’s not enough to just be good at two things when people are telling you that you can be great at one thing. Problem is, when one parent wants sports for you and the other wants dance, ultimately it is YOU that has to make the decision and chose one… But what to choose, sports but maybe let down mom or dance, and crush dad’s dreams for you. Decisions, decisions. Lucky Hope has a couple of friends who are so supportive, until one becomes the competition, and the other who wants to be so supportive, she is willing to step aside so Hope can succeed. Will Hope make the right decision or maybe she figures out a way to Have it All. In the end, Hope has to figure it all out on her own does she ‘Dance’ around her Problems or does she ‘Swing for the Fences’ and be True to herself and ultimately learn to Trust in …

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Jérémie Renier,

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