Genre:Drama, Romance
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At the Grand Hotel in Scarborough overlooking the North Sea, first Liz and then Aiden receive the keys of the respective rooms, declaring to be alone but finding themselves, in the space of a trip in the elevator, each one clinging to a younger lover. Over the course of a weekend, two love stories intersect and merge, forbidden and marked, mirroring one another. The couples’ game is balanced, with Liz and Aiden both teachers struggling with both intense and problematic loves for sixteen-year-old Daz and Beth. Overflowing with vital ingenuity, the two boys represent a romantic and sensual ideal that begs to be lived, but at the same time requires to be hidden from prying eyes: there is not only age to complicate things, but the fact that every couple is composed of teacher and student. Liz is lithe and luminous as a 45 year-old teacher in love with her muscular pupil Daz, whose puppy-like naive enthusiasm could clearly wane. They’ve only actually spent 22 hours together during their …

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Viveca Lindfors,

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Jodhi May, Jessica Barden, Edward Hogg,

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